At Brookline Municipal Credit Union, we offer several Savings & Investment options to help you grow your money; these include Regular Share Savings accounts, Vacation & Christmas Club accounts, Term Certificate and IRA Accounts, as well as Money Market accounts.

Share Savings Account

Savings are deposited into a main share account, which opens your membership. The minimum deposit of $25.00 represents one unit of ownership in the credit union and must remain on deposit in order to take advantage of all other credit union services.

Vacation & Christmas Club Accounts

Experience the convenience of saving for those special times of the year with a Vacation or Christmas Club account from Brookline Municipal CU.

Money Market Account

This account offers a higher paying interest rate without the commitment of a term certificate.

Term Certificates

Term Certificates are a vehicle for risk-free savings and are ideal for people who do not need access to their funds during the investment period.