Make the Holidays bright with a Special Holiday Loan

Don’t you wish you could make your year-end holidays fun, exciting and memorable for yourself and your family? It can happen if you plan well.

Start with a special** Holiday Loan from Brookline Municipal Credit Union. But first, sit down and calculate what you think you’ll need to cover your holiday expenses:

Gifts – Travel – Entertaining – Decorations – New Clothes

Special Rate
7.75% APR*

Then, whatever it takes to change your holidays from disappointing and dreary to lively and unforgettable can be accomplished with a single step on your part: a Holiday Loan. Plan ahead and avoid the mad rush at holiday time. Borrowing from your credit union will get you a bargain with a special low annual percentage rate of 7.75%. You borrow just the amount you need so you won’t be tempted to ring up big credit card bills and you’ll be paid off before next year’s holidays.

Stop in today (bring a recent paystub or pension stub with you) or call a loan officer at 617-232-9410. We’ll make sure you quickly get the money you need without burdening you with a lot of red tape – or a lot of interest.

  • Borrow up to $3,500.00 for up to 12 months at 7.75% APR*
  • Payment per week on $3,500.00 financed for 52 weeks = $70.00
  • Payments per month on $3,500.00 financed for 12 months = $304.06

*Annual Percentage Rate
**Limited Time Offer