Brookline Municipal Credit Union Schedule of Fees:

Effective: August 1, 2019.

NOW Account
Service Fee
Stop Payment $15.00
Insufficient Funds $25.00
Overdraft Transfer $3.00
Returned Deposit Item $7.50
Account Research/Reconciliation $15.00
Copy of Statement $3.00
Reopening Closed Account – Within 6 Months $10.00

If the daily balance falls below $100.00, a monthly service charge of $3.00 will be assessed. If you are under 19 years of age or over 65 years of age and you have notified the Credit Union in writing the monthly service charge of $3.00 will be waived.

Service Fee
* Account Inquiry – Per Transaction $1.00
* Withdrawal – Per Transaction $1.00
Deposit No Charge
Non-Visa Debit Card Transactions $1.00
ATM Replacement Card $10.00

*There is no charge for transactions when performed at the Brookline Municipal Credit union ATM.

Other Services
Service Fee
Money Order Checks $1.50
Official Checks (one free daily) $2.00
Return Deposited/Cashed Check $7.50
Insufficient Funds $25.00
Stop Payment Order (all items-including ACH and bill pay) $15.00
Lost Membership Card $3.00
Duplicate Statement (eStatements free) $3.00
Account Research $15.00
Abandoned Property (per account) $50.00
Copy of Check $3.00
Domestic Wire Transfer $20.00
International Wire Transfer $50.00