Are You Traveling This Summer? Or Just Need Some Money During These Difficult Times?

Special Low Rate of
7.75% APR*

Where do you and your family dream of taking a vacation this summer? Do you just need some money due to the recent pandemic we’re all experiencing? The Credit Union can help. Since even a modest vacation can put a crimp in your budget by the time you figure airfare, hotel, rental car, dining and attractions, a special Vacation Loan from the credit union can help make those plans affordable. It’s easy to just say “charge it” and put it on the credit card. Let the credit union suggest a more sensible alternative: Apply for a special Vacation Loan and save the credit card for emergencies.

So, sure, take your credit card with you on your vacation. In certain instances – like renting a car, for example – a credit card is a necessity. But don’t use the credit card to float the whole vacation cost. If you’ve got the money saved for the trip, that’s great. But if you need to borrow the money, stop by or call the credit union today and let us help you with a Vacation Loan. You can have an affordable payment and be all paid off before next year’s vacation rolls around. It’s quick, easy and all at a great rate!

*Annual Percentage Rate
Payment per week on $3,500.00 financed for 52 weeks = $70.00
Payment per month on $3,500.00 financed for 12 months = $304.06

This special loan offer is for a limited time only.